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Restfolk Camphor Tree Block 10 pcs

Restfolk Camphor Tree Block 10 pcs

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Kusunoki (Camphor Tree) blocks are made one by one by craftsmen in Japan. These blocks are made from cut-out scraps using only Kusunoki from Kyushu. 
The camphor tree has long been known as an "insect repellent tree". Put a few blocks inside your drawers, closets, shoe storage and anywhere you store clothes for a natural fresh scent, to aid with moisture and repel insects (moths). 
- Details -
Made in Japan using only Kusunoki from Kyushu.
Each package contains 10 blocks. 

 - How to use -

Place a couple of blocks in your drawers or closet and wherever you store seasonal clothes/ bedsheets and quilts. When the scent of the block becomes weak, you can slightly rub it with sandpaper to restore the scent. 

 - Caution -
Do not use with other insect repellents. It may discolour clothing.

Do not use or store near food. Since natural wood is used, each block's colour and texture are different.

The black spots on the block are unique to camphor trees and are not stains. Please note that using the block when it is damp may cause discoloration or stains on your clothes.
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