Woman and Family-Owned Brands

Our brands are woman or family owned and they take great pride in producing goods that are durable and made with reliable, enviromentally friendly materials.  

At Timber + Yarn we source products based on their brand's story, craftsmanship, social impact and the products' durability.

Our mission is to bring you products that you will keep and cherish for generations. 

BasShu patchwork quilt


Wool | Linen | Cotton 

Materials that are good for you and for the planet. 

From 100% wool made in Osaka, Japan, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, French and Belgian Linen to the softest cotton muslin, you'll find an exclusive curated collection of quality home and lifestyle goods. 

Our brands are commited to using materials that are free of toxic dyes, such as our range of Wall & Party Decor Wool Felt Garlands that are good for kids and babies bedrooms and living spaces. 

Social Impact 

We proudly carry handcrafted quilts and lifestyle goods by Anchal, a non-profit organization that operates like a business. Anchal drives impact through product sales versus donations alone and they are confident in the long-term sustainability of their initiatives.

Anchal programs demonstrate that when they systematically address employment inequality, they can reduce the number of women reliant on commercial sex work and eliminate the stigma that women and girls face around the world. 95% of Anchal artisans have left the commercial sex trade or dramatically reduced their clients. Every artisan has her own personal bank account. And 100% of artisans are investing in their children’s education, thereby breaking the cycle of exploitation.


geometric minimalist modern quilt


Timber + Yarn was founded in 2017 selling handcrafted farmhouse style benches, console tables and coffee tables. Our THEA Bench was a finalist in the Made in Vancouver Awards by Vancouver Magazine in 2021. We felt incredibly honoured. 

 THEA Bench Made in Vancouver Awards finalist Vancouver Magazine

By the end of 2021, wood prices and global supply chain issues proved challenging. At the begining of 2022 our founder focused on sourcing heirloom quality products from other woman or family owned brands with a focus in social impact, fair trade and environment friendly. 

At Timber + Yarn, our biggest hope is that these products will become carriers of memories from one generation to the next with a story founded in unity and community. 

Thank You for choosing to support small businesses and woman-owned shops like ours!