Wheat and galvanized buckets for Fall decor

Wheat and galvanized buckets for Fall decor

With just a few weeks away from September our social media feeds are getting filled with Fall table centrepieces, mantel decor ideas and earthy coloured pillows and throw blankets as we prepare our home for the new season. 

wheat and galvanized bucket for Fall home decor inspiration

When I saw this fall decor idea using wheat and galvanized buckets, I immediately fell for it. I love the warmth it brings while adding rustic charm to the room in a subtle, calming way. 

If you’re a Fall lover like me, we share the same excitement this new season brings with all things cozy and calm. This weekend I’ll start dusting off my seasonal home decor items while I dream of cool sweater weather and hot cocoa days to come. 

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Photo and Fall decor idea by little farmstead
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