Give your balcony a little TLC

Give your balcony a little TLC

Our current balcony situation is less than ideal since we're moving in a couple of weeks and all I got is a cemetery of plants and cardboard boxes. Still, I am looking forward to sprucing up our balcony in our new home in Ottawa. 

For sure, balconies for the most part are small spaces but I find that with the right furniture they can be super functional and become a wonderful extension of our homes to either entertain intimate gatherings with our loved ones or to use it as a little sanctuary to meditate and relax with a cup of tea.

Our next home is another apartment rental but for the first time in almost a decade we'll be on the ground floor and there is a backyard with grass and a big tree. We're so excited, especially for our little girl who is five and she's only known to walk over to a park whenever she wants some outside time. 

The balcony is small but is all wood and it has a rustic feel to it. I plan to fill it up with lots of plants and will look for a cute table that will seat at least 4 people comfortably. With lots of choices, I looked for some inspiration on Pinterest and came across this list of summer-ready balconies from Scandinavian city dwellers, courtesy of Nordic Design. 

Go on, take a peek and get inspired to spruce up your balcony before Summer arrives. 

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